Why choose Cornerstones recruitment as the agency of your choice?

Let us answer with five simple answers.

1)  Our fees

 Why would you pay more than you need to?

At 10% of Basic salary we offer a Competitive and cost-effective recruitment solution to help you reduce your recruitment costs and maximise the return on your investment in people.
No hidden charges or fees, No additions for commission or car allowances.  

2) The Cornerstones experience

Our people, we are responsive to your requests so you’re never left waiting, communication throughout the entire recruitment process from your dedicated consultant so you always know what’s happening, with the level of communication you require. we don't hassle you, we work with you at your pace and give advice through the whole process. 

3) The Cornerstones talent pool 

We have our own internal talent pool of qualified applicants from many industries and sectors that we can pull directly from. Therefore, when you discuss your requirements with us for your position, we may have candidates readily available for you . In addition we have access to all the big name recruiting and advertising platforms .

4)The Cornerstones fall back guarantee .

A  3-month free replacement guarantee. A free insurance if the placed candidate does not work out, (let’s be honest, it happens at times)

5) The Cornerstones recruitment for Charity campaign

Cornerstones are an ethical company and we believe in giving back,  so 5% of our professional fee we will donate to a charity of your choice.  Click ...

 Why not give us a try?

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