Here at Cornerstones we are big believers in giving something back and there's never been great need to give back.

Over the last few years we have been involved in fun runs, marathon football matches, golf days, cycle rides and sponsored walks up mountains in the Lake District all in aid of a range of charities.  As we all too well know 2020 stopped us all in our tracks and threw  us all the biggest curve ball we have seen in peace time.

Now in 2021 we need to bounce back and recover and give even more back as there are so many deserving causes that need all our help.

In the past we have made donations to Parkinson's UK , The Alzheimer's Society,  The Royal Marsden, Youth Football teams and a small charity supporting Neonatal Intensive Care to name a few.  But 2020  saw charitable donations virtually ground to a halt due to Covid-19. 

Cornerstones have tried to come up with a solution to help everybody, ourselves included as we are also a small boutique style agency and an independently owned business and we make no bones about it we would love and cherish your business, we would also love to add value to your business and give you a cost effect way to start recruiting again and we would really love to be able to help out a charity of you choosing.

So why not join in and be part of our fund raising?

All you need to do is let us get on and do what we do best, that is recruit the highest calibre staff for your business and your custom will do the rest.

After a successful completion of any vacancy registered with us we will donate 5% of our professional fees to the charity of your choice.

So, if you have a vacancy then make contact with Paul Lake to register your company for the Cornerstones Recruit4Charity campaign. We look forward to welcoming you as a client of Cornerstones and to making our donations to your charity of choice.

Alternatively call Paul now on, 0207 041 6989 for more information.

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