Following our successful "Recruit for Charity" campaign for many years up to and including 2020, we are back in 2022 relaunching our campaign to donate 5% of our professional fees to a registered Charity of your choice on completion of any permanent placement in your business.

Previously we have been involved with Marathons, Football Matches and even sponsored Lake District hikes all in the aim of giving back , and now more than ever Charities need support and to know that even the small businesses haven't forgotten about them.

So lets make a difference in 2022, be it big or small and we all know charities appreciate every penny donated.

Together we can fill your vacancies by adding value to your business in a cost effective way and at the same time help others out there who need people like us and you to be kind and give help wherever they can.

 Previously to name a few, we have supported Charities including Parkinson's UK, Neonatal Intensive Care, Mental Health Awareness, Cat Protection and Hypo Hounds.  

The Choice of Charity really is entirely up to you and can be anything from a big well known Charity to the smallest local one in your home town. For Someone with 4 legs or 2 , from saving the environment or to saving someone's peace of mind.

So why not join in and be part of our fund raising?

What do you need to now , simply nothing other than get in contact, give us the details of your vacancy and sit back and let us recruit on your behalf and we will do the rest.  

On the successful Completion of your registered vacancy you just need to specify your chosen charity and will make the donation on your behalf  

So, if you have a vacancy, our team are ready and waiting to start searching candidates for you , please contact Paul Lake to register your company for the Cornerstones Recruit4Charity campaign.

 Alternatively call Paul now on, 0207 041 6989 for more information.

In advance, thank you for your business and we look forward to have a successful and fulfilling working relationship with you .